JV “O’zEraeAlternator” Kor, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with Decree No. 4059 of December 2, 2008 “Navoi” free industrial and economic zone was created, one of its founders: 50% Joint Stock Company “and” 50% “ERAE CS Ltd (South Korea). ” Enterprise fund – 4 million 60 thousand US dollars. The task of the joint venture GM Uzbekistan in Uzbekistan “” the plant complies with international standards for car generator and compressor manufacturer. Our production capacity is 360 thousand units of generators per year.
“O’zEraeAlternator” its performance since the beginning of 2011 joint venture began production of automobile compressors, starting in 2012, began the production of automobile generators. Automotive compressors produced in the first half of the automated equipment for manufacturing products in accordance with the requirements of modern technology, the working condition of workers have been created for many, the device detects a high level of security, precision, simplified equipment. Compressor production department: “Matiz” cars for two types of compression, “Nexia”, “Lacetti” and “Iskra” cars for the production of compressors in the country, now, “Aveo” and “Renqing” machine for the production of compressors is planned.
In 2011, the company produced 1,481 units of automotive compressors manufactured from 3,132 to 2015 cars, compressors, compared with 2011, production increased by 2.1 times by 2015. In addition, in 2012, our company produced 117357 vehicles, generators, 2015, 142585 vehicles, generators, production increased 1.2 times compared to 2012.